Thursday, June 14, 2007

What is Needed in Order to Run a Fair Economy?

1: Health insurance provided to all citizens. Let no citizen be without a doctor again.

2: A functioning pension system. Let no one spend his golden years in poverty.

3: Active Labor Market Policies; lets make it easier for people to find work. Let's make it easier for employers to want to hire.

4: An Unemployment Benefits System, so that the people shall not starvge to death while they move from one job to the next.

5: Education Policy: Free and compulsory until age 18. Vocational Academies and Self-Employment Educatcion for Free. University Higher Education subsidized. .......Once we are educated, then we can stand on our feet. We can also build a knowledge economy.

6: The whole thing needs to be funded. Taxes. State-run Firms. Sound sovereign bond practices.

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