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Dear Readers,
This is a collection of interest and recently-written research concerning analysis of sound (and not so sound) economic policies, financial regulation, et cetera. Please cite appropriately if you intend to use this for your own research.
ALMP: The Path to Less Unemployment                       (Timbergen Institute)

An Analysis of the Icelandic Crisis               (KHM/Maastricht)

Are Tax Cuts Good for Growth? (US House)        (IMF Research)      (IMF Research)

The Case for a Parallel Ratings Agency          (KHM Research)

Central Banks as Agents of Development         (UN University)

Como Obama Debería Haber Respondido a la crisis Económica
What Obama Should Have Done: Thoughts on the Bailout                (in Spanish)                (in French)              (in English)

Contributions of the Stockholm School 

Debt Sustainability in the Caribbean   

ECB Study: Lack of Crisis Response Causing Contagion in Europe                 (ECB Study)

Economie van België in een Notendop

Education's Return on Investment  (OECD Study)

The Effects of Statewide Minimum Wages on the US Labor Market: What Factors Play a Role?              (KHM/Maastricht)

Ernst & Young on the State-Owned Enterprises (SOE) Debate

EU Financial Transaction Tax   (WIFO Study)       (IMF Research)

European Left Proposes Way Out of Crisis      (FEPS Research)

Fed Study: Inflation? What about Deflation?   (Federal Reserve)

Following the Tigers        (KHM)

For China, Trade is not Simply About FDI    (HK University)

Greek Crisis: Shock Doctrine Comes to Europe

German Constitutional Court Accepts Eurozone Bailout

Germany Restricts High-Frequency Trading, Chicago Fed Recommends Same 

Hayek vs. High Tech                      (MIT Study)

Iceland Takes a Different Course (Fitch Ratings)

IMF:: Austerity Has Failed Europe              (IMF Research)            (IMF Research)

The Issue of Trust in Developing Countries                    (KHM/Maastricht)

Middle-Class Squeeze: Wages are Down, but we Aren't More Competitive                             (US House)

National Bank of Belgium: Liquidity Doesn't Always Cause Asset Bubbles                   (NBB Study)

A New Way of Bank Stress Testing                      (Deloitte/Ghent University)

Oxfam: Austerity Failed in Asia, Latin Am. Europe No Different                                                                                       (Oxfam Study)

Policy Response: the Greek Crisis

The Recent Financial Market Volatility

Too Big to Fail in the US Banking Sector   (Fed. Study)

Software Patents vs Competitiveness: Less is More                       (Madrid-based EU Study)                       (Boston Law + Federal Reserve Study)

Stamp Scrip: Episodes in Economic History  (Fed Letter)

Swiss Senate: NO to Strict Intellectual Property Law (Swiss Fed. Senate)

US Congressional Study: Is Copyright the Free Market at Work?  (RSC)

US Debt Ceiling - Canadian Debt Wall                 (US Treasury)

Water Privatization in Cochabamba: A Policy Evaluation                  (Maastricht University)

Werkgelegenheidsakkoord Hervorming (In Dutch)

What Argentina Means for Us: 10 Years After the Fact

Zero Lower Bound: When Interest Rates Can't Drop Any Further      (Princeton University)         (ECB Study)

Max Berre is an economist at the EDHEC-Risk Institute (Ecole Des Hautes Etudes Commerciales du Nord) who has worked as a sovereign debt expert at the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington and has taught financial economics at Maastricht University in the Netherlands.

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